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About the Camp


Our Mission: To create a complete and varied recreational program for visually impaired children, and introduce them to the many new experiences that the seashore has to offer.

Who is eligible to attend the camp?

The camp is free to children ages 7 -15 with a visual impairment that can be verified with an eye report. Having a staff to child ratio of one-to-five, campers must be able to feed, clothe, and bathe themselves with limited assistance. The Home is a three story house with no elevator, therefore we are not equipped to handle campers with a physical handicap that would hinder them walking up and down stairs. All camper applications are reviewed by the camp Director for eligibility before confirmation can be given.

When is the camp open?

Each camp experience is from Sunday to Saturday mid June to mid august

Where can I get a camper application?

Current camper applications can be downloaded from this site in March of the upcoming season. Applications are also mailed by the camp Director to all eligible campers who have previously attended camp in the last three years. If you would like an application mailed to you, you can also call the office at (609) 967-7285 or in the off-season call (610) 329 6133.

How much does it cost to send my child to camp?

While it costs approximately $1,500 to support one camper for one week, the camp is available to eligible children at no cost to their families. The family can choose to send a child with any amount of spending money for shopping trips around town or on the boardwalk. All spending money is kept by the counselors for safe-keeping, unless directed otherwise by a parent. Spending money is mailed as check or money order with the camper application.

What should I pack for my child to bring to camp?

It is recommended that you pack enough clothing for six days. It does get HOT at the shore, so pack plenty of cool clothing. Essential clothing items are a bathing suit, beach towel, sandals or flip-flops, and a sweatshirt in case of cool weather at night. Essential toiletries include a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and sunscreen. The camp will supply sheets, blankets, pillows, bath towels, and washcloths. Upon acceptance of your application, you will be mailed a confirmation packet that includes a blank clothing inventory for you to list all items your child will be bringing to camp.

Are campers permitted to bring cell phones and other electronics?

Cell phones and other electronic items are not encouraged, but may be sent at the discretion of the parents. The Home is not responsible for any lost or broken electronic items.

Can I visit the camp before I send my child?

Yes. A preview of the camp may be scheduled during the camp season. Call the camp office to set up a date and time. Off season visits may be arranged by calling 609 827 2909 and indicating that the call is regarding a visit to the Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children.

Can I call my child at camp?

Yes. A phone number for the camper line can be obtained by calling the camp office, or given to you when you drop off your child. Each child has a daily five minute phone limit for calling or receiving a call from home. The camper line does not have long distance, so parents can send a phone card or allow their child to call home collect. Parents can contact the camp Director or inquire about their child by calling the camp office at (609) 967-7285.

What if my child has special dietary needs?

The camp has an on-site chef prepare dinner, and we always encourage campers to try new foods. If necessary, meals can be adapted to meet special needs resulting from food allergies, religious requirements, etc.

Can my child stay for two weeks?

A two week stay in contingent upon availability and behaviors exhibited by your child and observed by our staff. A two week stay is subject to the approval of the camp Director and cannot be guaranteed with an early application.

What if my child gets sick while at camp?

If a child exhibits symptoms of a contagious illness, the parents will be called to pick that child up from camp and bring home. Any and all medical concerns will be directed to the parents by the camp Director.

The Diller Home is a registered 501c3 charitable corporation under the name Challenged Children’s Charities Corporation.